Gmail is a free e-mail service offered to the users to send and receive messages from their friends, relatives, and colleagues from one place to other in a very short time. There are no extra charges of Gmail. Users can easily use Gmail with the help of google. There are many benefits of using Gmail but the main benefit of Gmail is that you can use Gmail for Email marketing. There is no specific time to send and receive the email. You have to send your Email at the Gmail address of the receiver. Gmail uses Email clients like Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. which helps you to send and receive messages. Email stands for electronic mail. Gmail is the application which is the fastest and secure way to send and receive messages from any corner of the world.

Here we are discussing how we can use Gmail for Email marketing. Mass is the best way to use Gmail for Email Marketing?

How to use Gmail for Email marketingGMass:

GMass is a great way to covert your Gmail account into a powerful Email marketing platform. When you want you can send Email marketing from Gmail by using the GMass. Users can prepare for the great open rates. The best features are open tracking, click tracking, scheduling, and more.

GMass as Simple Way

GMass is known as a simple way to covert Gmail into Email marketing. By using the GMass you can turn the mail platform you love into a powerful Email Marketing tool.

Conversion with Personalized Emails:

All history shows that Email marketing always gets personal. All the shopping carts, products, or articles are implied. But it is GMass by using which you can walk through strategies like mail-merge style, fallback values automatic first name detection. Before the GMass your

The conversion rate had never been easier.

Working Detection:

Email marketing always remains to change. Users always need to keep bringing in customers. They always need a way to detect that what links are active and which should be replaced. When using the GMass click tracking is not easy. But GMass can collect all the data about your messages such as opened, clicked, replied, or bounced messages. GMass can do all the work easily.

Create Marketing:

It is not easy to Work in a short time and fast marketing. You can have to face much pressure. It would not be fine if you could automate the process. But GMass has made it very easy. GMass has made scheduling mass, perfected message, best use of times and dates, the power to send messages, and many others.

Manage your Mailing list:

While in high marketing you can’t manage the all data easily. It is a very tough job for you. You need powerful software. You can create a

Mailing lists. With GMass you can store your mailing lists where you can keep other information. All the data can remain safe in the mailing lists.

Design, Tests, Revise

Your data should be excellent in the high market for the best business. It is an art for users. You can make beautiful designs of your data, test your data, revise it, and can make it more beautiful by using the GMass.

Download and Install:

You can easily download and install GMass from Google Play Store.


Gmail is a great source of sending and receiving messages, videos, and can do many other functions. But it is the best quality of the Gmail that you can use it for business. You can alternate Gmail in Email for marketing. You can do business easily by using Gmail for email marketing. GMass is the best tool that every email marketing team needs.